At Wellness Light Therapy I offer an affordable one on one session of Infrared Light Therapy.

What Is Infrared Light Therapy?
Infrared Light Therapy, or photo-biomodulation, is a unique therapy that harnesses the healing powers of infrared light. It emits special wavelengths of light energy that dramatically increase circulation to injury sites and areas of chronic pain. The result is a rapid relief of discomfort, improvement in sensation, and regeneration of damaged tissues.

This safe and easy to use technology can be used anywhere.
The system is a Class II medical grade. 
I also sell the same In Light Medical Systems™ I use. 
Whether you are a practitioner that would like to add this service to your practice 
or an individual wanting to use it in the privacy of your own home.

I am also available for lectures and events.
I do have a space for lectures/events if needed.

What Light Therapy Can Do For You?

If given a chance, your body is built to heal itself.  If you get a cut, what happens? It heals. What happens if it does not heal? Possible infection, swelling/inflammation occurs where stagnated conditions are created.  During this stage you experience a build up of fluid, where circulation is reduced, which results in a host of problems and complications.  

Our health is a valuable asset and a key requirement for well-being and happiness. Good health is a gift that should be treated with care and respect. Unfortunately, too many people don't recognize the value of this gift until they get sick. But there is certainly a lot you can do to maintain your health, because many diseases have a preventable history. Strategic preventative healthcare enables our state of good health to be maintained and nurtured, possibly even into our elder years. And even if we are sick, the effects of many diseases can be reduced if we can recognize the risks associated with them early enough.

Protecting our health gets left by the wayside all too often, even though there are many medical options for preventative medicine. The popular saying "prevention is better than cure" is unfortunately forgotten all too often! And yet it seems relatively easy to take preventative measures – a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, a reasonable amount of relaxation, plenty of sleep, don't use stimulants, avoid stress and take a positive attitude of life. These are considered important factors in protecting our health and offer a good way of remaining fit through elder years. 

We never think about it but it is very important to protect our health in terms of blood circulation. Why is this? Many diseases are circulatory related.  Disease starts with poor circulation which results in a limited distribution of life giving nutrients to keep your cells vibrant with energy.  A circulatory system that works well in our body provides a fundamental basis for vitality, performance, health and well-being. Only with effective circulation can blood adequately supply the cells with nutrients and oxygen, and thus, the disposal of toxins and metabolic by-products will be supported.

Blood circulation is the human body’s life support system. It supplies tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen while removing and disposing of resulting waste products. 75% of this process takes place in capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels referred to as micro-circulation.  LED Light Therapy can improve restricted blood flow in these smallest of blood vessels thereby supporting the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes.